Hair Tantrum!


Thanks for stopping by for a bit of light reading. I’m just narrating my story about my life in Toulouse, the ups and downs, and how I got round them.
I can laugh about it today, but back then I thought that I was well within my rights! The thing is, I tend to have the same hairdresser, whom I fully trust to work the magic on my hair. So I don’t change hairdressers every often. Unfortunately, with my limited French and lack of local knowledge, it was not that easy for me to find a trusted hairdresser. In addition, I have particular needs, my hair is Afro and therefore extremely curly and unmanageable without straightening. I did the leg walk and internet search but in the end, I was just left unconvinced.
So I came up with a solution, hurray! I had to fly back to UK, immediately! ‘Why not?’ I shouted at my husband when he questioned my reasoning. After I’d calmed down, I just couldn’t believe what came over me. The moving pressures,  the stress from adjusting to the new life, etc etc. It all took a toll on me.
Thanks to Kate, another foreigner who walked the same path as me, I’m glad to say that I’m in very good hands whenever I visit Michaela at one of these chains of professional salons in France. Give it a go.
Some ladies might understand my outrage. It happens to the best of us.


I love the contrast between the two photos on this post. Some five years ago, I decided to wear my hair very short. You can see my lost self touring somewhere in Glasgow. How I loved that hair cut! But I get bored quite quickly, so I grew it again, as seen on this pic taken last year in the Pyrenees. I’ve since cut it again, as seen on my profile picture on my About Me page.

So, happy relocation, gets better and better.

Marie x

 *Post from my discontinued site 03/05/2015

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