Autumn in my hood

Since I love autumn so much, I just made an impromptu decision to grab the camera and head outside to check out my neighbourhood. The morning was still, quiet and the sun was in hiding but I decided to snap anyway. There is nothing to loose in Toulouse, all is beautiful to me. I just can’t get enough of the autumn leaves. Enjoy my snippets.


I couldn’t resist one from the hallway. In France there is  “Le Gardien” who takes great care of the apartment block, inside and out. This is just superb. Merci bien .. 

Zoom. Flowers from my neighbourhood – taken from the flowerbed next to the building picture above. The local government takes care of “Le quartier” or the area basically. I love that they really look after them  so well. Vive le quartier!

One of the reasons that I love it here. The view of the Garonne river is just stunning. Frequented by cyclists, joggers and walkers alike.





I’ll catch you when you fall



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À bientôt!



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