Collioure and Cadaqués

I couldn’t fault Toulouse, my adopted city in France. It is such a good location to be because one can sneak out to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic ocean or the Pyrenees mountains – all within a couple hours drive. Having family from out of town is a great excuse to explore the country. So we headed out to the Mediterranean side as the prospects of good weather seemed more promising. Only trouble is, I decided not to bring my camera as I wanted to enjoy more family time, totally regret it of course. But never mind, here are a few pics that the iPhone could manage. To walk you through, the first and only image taken in Collioure, is one of some lovely folks enjoying the views of the Mediterranean following a tasty tapas lunch from a little seaside restaurant, which is where I sat as I snapped this memory. The rest are taken from Cadaqués in Spain. I personally love the floral white town with an inbred artistic feel, especially being Salvador Dali’s home town. Cadaqués is also home for cats. I sat enjoying the sea view whilst sipping my tea from the cats of Cadaqués mug, quite a norm then I suppose. I have one cheeky feline sticking out  its tongue, a respectable salut to the staring tourists I guess, or what do you think?

As always, the hardest part is saying goodbye. But I choose to retain the memories of the best part, which is sharing the moments with the loved ones. If you plan to visit, I’d happily share a tip or two on where to grab the best bite and rest your sleepy head. It was an awesome little visit 🙂


  1. It was hard for us to say goodbye too. And thanks for the wishes and your kind words Gladys. I could say the same about you 🙂

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Dear Marie, loved all the photos, you did a great work with your I Phone.
    Such a beautiful white town, it will right now for my wish list to visit. It reminds me Porto Covo, here in Portugal, maybe you remind it from my journey back home in Summer.
    It’s a pleasure to see this beautiful town through your eyes!
    Sending you love,

  3. Hello Isabel,
    So is the magic of communication! You made me look into Porto Covo. Beautiful. Lucky you to have grown up there.
    Thanks for your kind compliments. Have a lovely weekend with your dear ones.
    Lots of love linda xoxo

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