Colours of Toulouse

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

For no apparent reason that I can recall, I just fell in love with photography. I must say that, I have no artistic background whatsoever and so this sudden urge to take up photography still baffles me. I started off with a 50mm fuji camera, which I played with mercilessly until I got some credible images. As the desire to capture distant images grew, a 230mm lens came into my possession. I must admit that I’ve been so intimidated to use it. Coming back to the real reason about why I love photography, I simply love to capture memories. Often in my life, I travel back in time in search of memories. Some in my mind. Some in pictures.

La ville rose – Toulouse

Toulouse is so picturesque if you ask me. I took out my camera on two occasions this week. Friday was especially sunny so you’ll see some clear images, with the beautiful colours of Toulouse. I didn’t travel far to take pictures, I only took photos around my neighbourhood and along our jogging route. Also on the images, you’ll spot the Garonne river, which runs across our city and flows into the Atlantic ocean. Towards the end, I’ve added two photos taken at the Canal du Midi, however the light was not so brilliant then.

There’s no editing done at all. Hope you’ll like my adopted city as much as I do. If you have any photography advice or comments, please let me know on the comments below. Many thanks.


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  1. Great photos!
    Photography is also the reason why I bought my camera, Nikon 3100, three years ago because DSLR captures better pictures than my point-and-shoot digicam. But lately, I’ve been using my phone to take pictures.

  2. Another photography lover, great! Yes, phones are so convenient. Guilty, I use my phone more than the camera too ;-/ Enjoy capturing the moments 🙂

  3. OMG Marie! You did a great work sweetheart! Those colors are amazing and all your photos are pure perfection! I’m not an expert but I always say what I think and for me they’re really great.
    I’m just like you: sometimes I spend a whole afternoon looking at old photos and most of the time I end up in tears:)! Happy tears I must say! It’s good to go back in time and feel again some intense moments.
    Keep up the good work my lovely!
    Your blog is a oasis of good feelings!


  4. Thank you so so much Isabel. Your comments make me want to continue sharing on the blog. I love it writing and sharing my experiences and if at all useful then I shall keep on doing it. Obrigado.

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