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Thanks for stopping by. It’s a pleasure to share with you my journey, so here goes my very first blog post.

I’ve been resisting for ages but I’ve finally succumbed to the life of bloggers. Every so often I get that urge to ‘share my story’ about my experiences whilst living abroad. There is lots to share, I can’t think of where to start; from all the joys and tribulations of learning the lingo, adjusting to the culture difference, the where’s and how’s and finally trying to snuggly fit into the new life. During my journey, sometimes I wished that someone had told me so,  so here I am, trying to tell.


Why France?
I moved to France simply for love. My then boyfriend now husband, found himself in a position to relocate to Toulouse. As we had endured a long distance relationship for three years, embarking in a life together in Toulouse seemed like the right thing to do. I must admit though, the South of France sells remarkably well. Hence, the notice was handed in at work, the movers were booked, and that was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.
The lingo
Before coming to France, my only knowledge of the French language was just bonjour, merci and au revoir. So my best option was to learn the lingo. I enrolled into a French intensive course at Alliance Française. It was the best decision ever, no doubt. At the French school, I soon met lots of people who had a similar story- either being a partner of an employee from Airbus, a rugby player at Stade Toulousain etc, but all in all, most of us had a common link; we moved to be with our partners.
A selfie moment with my lovely new friends in class 🙂 From Panama, Australia, Chile and Spain
We had so much fun at school. The first month was simply the best. As they say in the integration cycle, this is the honeymoon period. Meeting new friends, appreciating French food and learning a new language (where making perpetual mistakes is perfectly acceptable and not frowned upon – in the school ground that is!). The school organised lots of trips. For example to a charming French town called Albi and the magnificent Pyrenees mountains. So in a nutshell – such a good start.
Thanks for your visit. Until soon,
Marie x


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