Je parle français! Or maybe Franglish


It’s been a while! I just felt the need to finish my story about learning French.

I recently took the DELF exam, which is a certification of french language ability for non-native speakers. The exam tests all four skills in learning a language, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. For me it was important to have an official qualification to show my competence in paper.

After studying at Alliance Française (see previous post)  for seven months, followed by some months of what I call essential street skills, I decided it was time to set the record straight. So I registered to take the exams in December 2015.

I should mention that I am an absolute wreck when it comes to exams! I panic, I sweat, I shiver, I forget my name, I forget to breathe! I remember telling one of my teachers the morning of the exams ‘please ignore me, ‘je suis pas moi-même‘ i’m not myself!

And so the two days of torture commenced. I sat for two and a half hours in a class with a bunch of equally nervous strangers. Listening carefully, reading and writing. The following day was the oral skills test. You had to enter into a room and choose a topic between two articles. Have a quick read within half an hour and jot down some points which will enable you to defend your point of view with the examiner during the oral part.

As nerve wracking as it was, I am so proud to have accomplished that. Lets see what January brings. If the results are what I’m hoping they’ll be, then hureeey! Whats also so great about this certificate is that, it never expires, unlike other exams which hold true only for two years or so.

Isn’t it great to achieve something? What’s more liberating than the freedom of expression of speech?

What languages do you speak? Share your troubles and tribulations if you would.

Je parle français! Quoi? Kwa quoi, quoi….

*Post from my discontinued site 22/012/2015

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