Chanel, a skin delight

Now that the winter has gone, I can safely boast about this cream and use the phrase, ‘it’s worth it‘. It was just one of them impulse buys at Duty Free.  Of course the sales assistant insisted that it was “the cream to have” using the most sophisticated French words I’d ever heard. After a few minutes of pondering about it, I decided, oh well, why not and besides, I should look after my skin even better now, considering my age.

The Product – It is a hydrating cream so it would suit someone with dry skin. The manufacturer claims that they have used a Camelia (Camelia Alba*PFA) flower, which has hydrating properties and combined this with Blue Ginger (Blue Ginger *PFA) which has antioxidant properties and therefore helps to protect and reinforce skins defence system.

Results – I  must say, the face stays hydrated all day long. I have even tested it at weekends when I usually don’t wear any makeup. The face becomes luminous instantly. It feels plumped and just so supple. I would add that it makes the skin feel very soft too.

Cost effectiveness – I’d say it fits the bill. It comes in a 50g tub and honestly, I’ve used about half a tub. It’s been four months now and I use it daily. How many times have you replaced your moisturiser? I’ll let you do the maths.

Downside – I’d say my only reservation is that the cream does not contain any sun protection. So one would need to bear this in mind and choose other means of protecting themselves from those UV rays which are detrimental to our skin’s health.

All that said though, the best skin care starts from within. One needs to :

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamin B which is important for healthy skin e.g greens vegetables, nuts such as almonds. Fruits are a good source of vitamin C and E, where the antioxidants within help to fight free radicals
  • Drink plenty of water. I usually drink at least 2L a day either just pure water or with herbal infusions
  • Sleep. Yes, our cells needs recovering. I aim for 7 hours, a luxury in this day and age I know.
  • The Sun is great for our bodily functions but also so harmful to our skin. There is clear evidence linking long-term sun exposure to ageing and skin cancer. SPF we adore you

I hope, if you’ve come across my post and were wondering whether to invest in Chanel Hyra Beauty Nutrition or not, perhaps this might have shed some light. “It is a true delight to my skin”

The packaging including the application spatula and a kit insert with useful literature in various languages.

Marie x


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