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I suppose the subject of hair care is one of them things that girls love to ponder about. I was hanging out with my Brazilian girlfriends recently and naturally we fell into a deep discussion about what is the best way of caring for hair, how to wear it whether being hair extensions, braids, natural or chemically straightened. On the agenda was also the subject of which products serve best and which ones should we steer away from. The way I see it though is that, everybody’s hair is so different. One can not eliminate some products without trying to establish wether or not they would suit their hair type or not. Of course there are clear categories – say from European to African, from straight to curly and some other artefacts. As for me, I have classic afro hair, and in my life like many other women, I have tried a few hair products, some of which have been great, and others, experiments not to be repeated. So I’ve compiled a list of my hot picks for you to check out below. But first, a brief summary about my hair care regime.

Routine – I shampoo three times a week. Following shampoo, I usually apply conditioner and leave for a few minutes before rinsing out. After towel drying, I usually apply some hair serum and some blow drying heat protection then I blow dry and straighten. Sometimes I use some leave in-conditoner If I feel my hair is getting dryer than normal (this happens usually before a relaxer is due).

Treatments – every two weeks I replace the normal conditioner with some deep conditioning hair treatment. This is a gruelling long process so I reserve it for weekends when I have more time.

Regular maintenance – I usually get my hair relaxed (straightened using a chemical with no ammonia, by Mizani). Following relaxer, I always get a few millimetres trimmed off the ends, and the usual routine of blow drying and straightening. I find that trimming off the ends is so healthy for hair. It removes split ends exacerbated  from the use of blow dryers and straighteners, hair becomes much easier to style and also permits hair regrowth.


  1. Hello Hydration by Herbal Essences – I love these products! Essentially, the hair that we see is basically dead as it has no biological function. It tends to be super dry. So what’s the magic? Moisture! And boy, isn’t there an abundance of it in this product! Once I use the products my hair always feels so supple and super soft. The smell is also to d.i.e. for, so fresh and fruity! I use both shampoo and conditioner and can testify that the smell lasts for a couple of days. The products are infused with orchid oil and coconut milk. By far my favourite products that I keep on replenishing.  Cost? They are a supermarket product so normal shampoo & conditioner price range.
  2. Kérastase – These are one of my favourite products for hair care. I use the nutritive range which is so rich in moisture. In the range, I also use a hair serum (pic below) called Initialise, which is supposed to strengthen, shine ad soften hair. To be honest, I find that the results I achieve with Herbal Essences Hydration are just as good as Kérastase when it comes to weekly routines. I tend to go the full Kérastase mode during deep nourishing treatments. The products do cost an arm and a leg. The serum for example, it is recommended to use it three times a week. I certainly don’t use it as much. I only apply it once a week. These products did help my hair a lot when it was damaged from colouring. They are definitely worth it for super damaged hair.
  3. Wella Elements – This range has recently been introduced to me by my hair dresser in France. The products are free from sulfates and parabens. This is a special hair care range which is formulated especially to protect the hair keratin from damage.  I initially bought these products as they are the only suitable products to use after the Brazilian treatment. This is a special hair treatment where hair is infused with proteins and therefore helps to keep it healthy and less frizzy. Unfortunately the treatment never worked for me so I am about to finish this range and continue with my two product ranges above. Cost – It is a salon product, therefore the prices are a bit on the high range but not as much as Kérastase.
  4. Coconut oil – when speaking to the girls, we all seemed to be using the product in the same way. The oil is applied directly onto the hair shaft and also the scalp. Hair can then be wrapped under a shower cap or a towel for a good few minutes in order to allow for the treatment to work its way in. Following this, a good dose of shampoo is necessary in order to remove the extra grease. So why is coconut oil so good? Well, coconut oil is rich in antioxidants. It also has antimicrobial properties and proteins which help to make hair strong, whilst conditioning the scalp and promoting regrowth. It is a natural product that is used in a lot of hair products because of its nutritive properties. Go coconut power!Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  5. John Freeda Serum – I must say, this is my miracle product! I can’t manage without it. Once I towel dry my hair, I apply the the serum straight away in order to help keep the frizz away. It also makes the hair unbelievably soft, no kidding! I’ve done enough experiments with and without, and it is definitely the magic styling product for me.

So plenty of hydration, regular treatments and trims seem to work well for me. I would have said Herbal Essences was strictly for European hair types but it turns out that it is the best and most affordable hair product for my hair. All said though, healthy hair starts from within. As mentioned in my prevoius beauty product testimony, a healthy balanced diet and plenty of water all contribute a lot to the healthy appearance of hair.

How about you? What are your magical hair products?

Marie x

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