Candlelit Life

I can’t get enough of candles. I always have candles burning whenever the circumstances permit, from entertaining, relaxing and sometimes even during cooking, for me it’s always soothing.

I’m not alone using candles neither. Restaurants would try to lure you in with a burning soft candle, the church would awaken the spiritual spot within whilst the massage parlours would relax your senses within the calming surroundings of a simple candle. I’m a fan of candles for the sheer simplicity yet profound effects that they have.

Uplifting mood




Sometimes we don’t get the most out of a candle. I’ve had candles which burnt down only on one side and therefore were not fully utilised. As a candle lover, I’d share a couple of points about them.

How to burn a candle evenly

The very first time you use a new candle, let the candle burn until all the wax is melted on the top ring. If the candle has not been left to burn off until the wax across the whole diameter is melted, it will continue to burn down only in the middle, and the sides will not get used up. Depending on the size of the candle, the first time that you light a candle it could take up to an hour to fully melt the wax.


Parafin allergy

Certain people are allergic to paraffin which some manufacturers use to make candles. I would avoid offering candles which contain paraffin, just in case. I only learned about this allergy after buying a candle and bringing it home. Both myself and my husband couldn’t stop coughing and wheezing. So I would check again before buying some perfumed candles.







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