Dear Bride

It’s been a year since I walked down the isle in the South of France to exchange my ‘I-DOs’. I’m incredibly lucky and eternally grateful to have experienced such euphoria, thanks to my incredible husband, family and friends.

I hope that you are reading this because you are planning your wedding and I appreciate that you can get heaps of tips from Magazines and numerous sources. However, I personally delve into blogs because of peoples’ real experiences, which count for more than embelished narratives. So here I am, sharing some tips about what made my wedding so blissful.

A Wedding Planner

Most people I’ve talked to have confessed that a wedding planner was the best investment ever. As a foreigner in France, a planner was a godsend! Even though we did all the planning ourselves, she was still a great asset on the wedding day. Like a ferry godmother, she made everything go as smoothly as planned, from A to Z. There were absolutely no hiccups. So take your time and do your research in finding a planner. You should hit it off with him/her, if not perhaps continue the search.

Google Sheets

These are the real deal when it comes to planning. You can also share  access online so that everybody can stay up to date with what’s happening. Hands up, I can’t take any credit for this, my husband deserves an award for making a genius out of our planning.

It Is Your Day

Everybody will try to give you their own opinion and advice, for a good cause of course. But it is YOUR day. If you feel that their sugestions are not really your style or do not reflect your taste, please do not be afraid to say no. I’m that person who struggles to say “NO” but on this occasion, I can honestly say, these words actually rescued me. If they’ve got your best intentions at heart, they should be able to understand and respect your wishes.

The Venue

So you found your perfect venue, great! Just be sure to arrange activities so that the ambiance keeps on rocking throughout the night. It might help to put the guests and the dance floor in the same room where possible. If not, people might wander off, which would just distort the atmosphere.


Fortunately or unfortunately, weddings and shopping go hand in hand. By all means, try all the dresses until you find ‘the one’. Nonetheless, while the wedding dress might be a one-off item, I tried as much to get items which would be reusable post wedding. I still wear my wedding shoes and posh handbag, whereas had I purchased some bridal lacey specials, I wouldn’t be parading them today.

Let it Be

The day of the wedding flies like a supersonic jet! You blink and it’s the end of the night. That’s it, all that planning which took months, even years – is all done and dusted! So enjoy every second. Don’t stress about the little things. Chances are, you are the only one noticing the imperfections, nobody else will. I nearly went all ‘Bride-zillary’ because I noticed my little cute flower girl was not carrying her special embroidered basket. To everybody’s eyes, it looked perfect.


If at all possible, don’t skimp on memories. The day will be over in a matter of hours but you’ll have the captured memories for a lifetime. If you are going to hire professionals, its definetely worth discussing your desires. I was super impressed by our wedding video, the whole day was captured in a cinematic 10 minute video, truly amazing.


The Blues

I naively didn’t know about the ‘Post wedding blues’. After the honeymoon, you return to your shrunken home, where the mountain of decorating and planning activities has somehow disappeared. Worry not, let nature take its course, it will pass. What’s also nice is to relieve the experience. Myself and my husband visited the region where we got married including the chapel, the venue and the town nearby where we used to stop by for a delicious grub after a day of planning. Funnily enough, we’ve just done the same this year and it has been just as great!


Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Mathew 19:4-6


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Danke mein Herz


Happy planning and I wish you the most beautiful wedding and a happily ever after!


Marie x




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