Gracious moments – I can eat!

It’s been a while since I posted something. I’m excited to post again and this time it’s all about appreciations, no matter how big or small. Truth be told, I’ve had an exceptionally great week and so it is only right to give thanks and praise. I feel like myself again after enduring a few weeks recovering from my tonsils operation. For adults its quite an ordeal to say the least. I’d relive it again just to consume copious amounts of ice-cream, totally guilt free but otherwise, no thank you very much.

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What a service!

I went to pick up my sunglasses from the opticians, which shattered as I accidentally dropped them whilst doing “le bisou“. Giving kisses on each cheek to greet someone is well and truly ingrained in me now after a couple of years living in France.  Anyway, to my great surprise, the optician didn’t even charge me for the newly repaired glasses. The cost would have been a hefty 50€ for the single lens, lowest quoted figure in my town. It doesn’t happen everyday, that’s for sure. Best service ever!

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Another highlight this week was actually a bit spooky. As I got back from work, I just had a nagging feeling to go outside again, for no apparent reason. Lo and behold, the postal delivery man just appeared with my parcel! Had I missed him, it would have been an endless cat and mouse game, trying to arrange a suitable delivery time or collection. By the way, above is the said parcel. I’ve got a nice durable work bag now, I can stash in my iPad and all teaching stuff no problems. Did I mention it was half price? Yes.


This is probably so lame but our house plant blooming  just put a big smile on my face too. And It’s the first time a white one has emerged. Mmh, will keep an eye on this madam.


I love the occasional lunch in the city in between appointments. And this spot, Le Telegraph, fed me well today. I simply can’t get enough of French food!

A little gesture which sparked a big smile on my face was a surprise bouquet of flowers from my husband. I think he is the romantic one, I certainly couldn’t pull off half the stuff he does. It’s always nice to add such little flavours in a relationship. One can’t take for granted that once a seed is planted it will take care of itself.

Lastly but with a mighty weight, going back to work again, seeing my clients and just being out and about made my week. And there is nothing like a bit of sunshine to brighten up the mood. It’s still quite sunny in Toulouse. Of course there are lots of brown leaves floating about as we’ve come into my favourite season, Autumn.

It’s the little things which count sometimes. Hope you had similar little things which made your week. Care to share?

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