Gracious moments – Yoga

I figured that we can’t just have one gracious moments post, surely there are plenty of reasons to be grateful and appreciate the little things in life. So here I am, acknowleding my little moments from the week or two  perhaps..

Precious results

After a few years of ongoing knee pain, I’m finally thrilled to have a diagnosis so that I can move on with the rest of my precious gift of life. It turns out that I have a torn meniscus. I’m grateful that they have identified the culprit and therefore, I can control the pain. I’ll share a post about how I got my injury in the near future because I think it’s worth spreading the word, especially if it might help someone avoid being in my shoes.

Doing yoga

After years of procrastinating, I’ve finally started yoga! It is still early days but I can tell already that it is so good for the body mind and soul. Admittedly my favourite sport ever  is used to be running. Running gave me a real buzz. But I am ready to learn all about yoga and reap all the benefits that it has to offer. So far so good. If you are a yogi, I’d appreciate any tips you might have.

Dancing with my hubby

Myself and Mika have started ball room dance classes, which we do one evening per week.  So far so good and I can only sing good praises about it. For one, it is a healthy sport, and secondly, it gives us that mid-week break, a chance to get out of normal routine and  do something fun to destress. And what a great way to share some fun together as a couple! If you were thinking about it, I’d definitely recommend it.

Mika took this picture back in May. I had woken up early that day, determined to join a group of yogis on the beach but to no avail. I’m so glad it’s finally on track now.

Making art

Remember my attempt to paint sometime back in June? Well, I finally plucked up the courage to pick up the brush again, but this time without the ‘wine’ to hide my insecurities, nor the encouraging voice of my art teacher Monica. Sole on the balcony, I gingerly positioned my canvas on my newly set up easel, with the October sunshine warming my back, I put the spanking new brushes to good use. The aim was to create something that looks like ‘the sea and its beckoning waves’. I still can’t believe I’ve done something artistic. Where I come from, you were either allowed to become a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. Art was never a subject brought up at our dinner table. How ironic though because, in all the years that I’ve practiced my profession, it is actually the act of making art that filled up each alveoli in my lungs with some much needed Oxygen. Whatever it may look like, I am quite content that I made it and in return, it gave me the utmost pleasure in making it.

Thanks for reading and of course, I’d love it if you could share your moments with me on the comments.




  1. You are so right about everything you said!! Agree on being more grateful and letting everyone be a part of it! Great that you are on track now with yoga and enjoy your yoga rounds!! As you know I am a big fan as well though I had my first doubts, too – but maybe I just needed to accept everything that yoga is trying to teach us to fully enjoy it by now. I am sorry about your knee darling! But fortunately you have a real diagnosis and can adapt to it the best way possible!! Sleep well chouchou xxx

    1. Thank you Sam, yes I feel that we don’t express gratitudes a lot. We love complaining but gratitudes are more difficult to express, so I am trying to consciously think about the positive things.
      Na ja, Yoga ist einfach super! It has so many positive elements. I am new to it. We can exchange tips as we go along. I do it once a week, and tonight is Yoga night. I can’t wait.
      Bisous xoxo

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