Gracious moments – Birthday

Joyeuse anniversaire

On the grace series, I have a lot to be grateful for this month but I’ll channel my gratitudes towards a special day. November is a special month. It’s the month of my birth and the birth of some loved ones. As it is also a month where we remember our departed ones, I am deeply grateful for my loving departed parents, who instilled priceless values in me. Looking around today, I’m surrounded by abundant blessings; good health, healthy relationships, a roof over my head and above all – a loving husband, my rock and inspiration.

Birthdays are one of those moments where we tend to reflect a lot. At this age, I can honestly say that I feel so comfortable in my own skin. Gone are the insecurities which are accompanied by tender young age. Thanks to maturity and wisdom, I couldn’t care less about one more grey hair, extra pound in weight, or die with envy for the lack of the latest fashion accessory. The list is long but I’d rather keep it short and sweet. Bottom line, there is little room for superficiality. 

If I could shed a light to any young people today, I’d say – go on and live your life. Be true to yourself. Don’t waste today on meaningless stuff which don’t matter anyway.

As for me, I am just grateful for being me and accepting my pitfalls for what they are. I’m looking forward to another  year and whatever challenges and blessings it may bring.

Photo credits: Hubby took this during my birthday dinner. PS. It amazes me how endearing it always feels, to be presented with a cake & a little candle :/



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