Gracious moments – Happy List

As promised on my last post, here is a happier one. I read that ‘it’s okay’ to laugh or to allow oneself to experience joy again after a painful experience. So in light of that, I tried to think of some simple things which bring me joy. I’m so grateful for these, in no particular order.

  • The warmth of the sun on my skin
  • The sound of birds singing
  • The sound of sea waves
  • Some ‘us’ time, his Blackberry not on sight ;-/
  • Family time
  • Fresh nail polish on my fingers and toes
  • Walking bare feet on the beach
  • Running with my tunes on
  • Smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning
  • Fresh flowers
  • Clean bedsheets
  • Nature, the woods make me feel peaceful
  • Candles & soft lights
  • Weekend drives, music on, feet up
  • The calm in the morning when the world is asleep
  • Staring at my husband, actually this is number one!
  • First coffee in bed, my weekend treat from him
  • A good book
  • Writing on my blog
  • Capturing moments with my camera
  • A good old laugh
  • Dogs, I can’t get enough of their love & cuteness!
  • Talking to locals in local language, if I can manage a word or two!

What’s on your happy list? Wish you a glorious and a happy long weekend x



  1. Aw love this Marie!
    Love all those moments too.
    My big one is being by the sea… whether it’s sunny or stormy.
    Lovely post for the weekend that’s in it… It’s a bank holiday in Ireland.
    Michelle x

    1. Aw, the sea is grand, reminds me of what tiny beings we are. Cheers Michelle and enjoy the BH weekend. It’s BH here too 🙂 x

  2. Aww! So much love for this post sweetheart! I must say we have so many in common in this happy list.
    My first happy thing is watching my babies sleeping 🙂 I could be there looking at them for hours.
    Then, the sea, the beach, the salty hair, the freezing water of the sea on my body when I swim in the ocean: that’s a moment of pure joy!
    I love dogs and cats 🙂
    I love to buy new shoes 🙂
    I love a good book and love to read your blog.
    I love to go out with hubby by ourselves, just like when we were young and free 🙂 🙂
    Thank you so much for making me feel so happy right now!


    1. I love your happy list too 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I think I will watch the babies sleep tirelessly. Such a magical experience. Happy for you linda 🙂 And thank you for your kind words, I’m so grateful. Obrigada xoxo

  3. All pictures are great and showing full of life and happiness! I loved how we spent our weekend. So low-key. We just stayed home. I watched a movie then read a book. It was so relaxing!

    1. Sounds like a great family time! Glad to hear. I watched two beautiful films this past weekend. 1. La Famille Béliers (I highly recommend) and 2. Lion (the child who got lost in India, adopted in Australia, you know it? I cried buckets, so beautiful. Thanks Gladys 🙂

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