Hat Tricks

Hat tricks, how about it?

As I was packing my suitcases ready for a week of some sun on Sicily, I couldn’t help noticing my hat obsession, among others obsessions that is. As a fashion accessory, there are two different sides to the hat story. There are those who can’t stand them as they perpetually ruin their hair-do or won’t suit a face et cetera and on the other hand, there are those who just need any excuse to accessorise using one. I am definitely the latter.

A time saver

Looking back on this day, we had a long day of touring the magnificent colourful Barcelona. I remember I had no time for a long hair routine. My concord-fast husband was already pacing up and down waiting for me. So my best option was to forget the ghds and grab a hat. With a flick of a hat, I  was transformed from dull to street chic, at least, I think..

A perfect accessory

Ever noticed how everybody in Venice is so super chic and elegant? Wether walking their Poodles or just  strolling down the canals, enjoying the “dolce vita” they are always so impeccably dressed? They could be in trainers but always an enviable accessory at hand. Anyway, in my case, it’s not quite a Gucci or Prada handbag, but my Reiss hat had to help me on that! On this image you see me showing my Christmas tooth, simply from the joy of being in this magical city and living the moment. And I didn’t even remember about turning 40 anymore. Try the trick, makes you feel young (at least at heart)

Sun protection

In the fashion conscious world that we live in, sometimes we forget the primary function of clothing, which is protection. Wether being from cold, heat, wind or rain, what we wear serve as a barrier that aids to maintain our body temperature. Safety first when it comes to our health. Hats do offer some much needed shade from those strong UV rays.  Here, touring in my own home land, I’m wearing a massive wide brimmed straw hat, which served the purpose quite well as the sun was extremely strong.


But of course, who doesn’t like a fashionable accessory? We can also look stylish on the beach or by the pool side. I know my hair always turns into a big cotton ball, so a hat serves just as well.

I’m well relaxed on my holiday in Cefalú. As you can guess, yes I’m still doing my hat tricks.

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