Joie de vivre

Gratifications in life

Excuse my ambiguous post tittle but I think this expression resonates well with what I wanted to share with you. So for you, what is it that gives you that feeling of joy and satisfaction? As for me, I’ve had to think of those times when I actually felt good inside. So in no particular order..

1. Friendships & relationships

I’ve just come back from visiting my friends in UK, where I lived for a long time and consequently formed deep relationships. Spending time with my friends made me feel such joy. As much as I enjoy a good laugh with them, I know that I can always count them to give me a good kick if I need it, with best intentions of course. As for couples relationship, I don’t know how to even express the fulfilment from this. As cheesy as it sounds but utter truth – my hubby is my strength, my inspiration, my rock – he is simply my Oxygen. My family gets that privilege pass of course. And funnily enough for me, dogs will always put a spark in my heart ♥

2. Healthy lifestyle


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Clean eating

Takes the lead for me.  “You are what you eat” – bears nothing but the truth. I’ve been an advocate of a heathy and balanced diet for a long time. It was not always the case though. As a teenager, I was quite overweight and I was not particularly happy about it. So I made some changes in my lifestyle, which changed my life. I think about what I eat. I tend to eat unprocessed natural foods, which release energy for longer. With that said though, I never shy away from treats. The key is moderation.  Thanks to healthy diet, I’m so grateful that I don’t have major health issues. But more so, I also feel good about myself as I’m happy about my weight, a far cry from 22 years ago.


We hardly have enough time to complete daily tasks let alone managing some descent sleep. I’ve worked night shifts before and I have experienced at first hand how terrible the body feels due to lack of sleep. Lots of studies have shown some detrimental effects on our bodies due to uneven sleep patterns. The body needs to rest in order to function properly. Grâce à 7 hours sleep, I always wake up feeling great and more productive after my beauty sleep  ζ


From experience, I’ve felt so sluggish after skipping a few workout sessions. I try to exercise regularly. I get such a thrill from exercising, must be the feel good hormones released after a workout. Exercise also helps me to clear my head. I know for a fact that it is thanks to good diet and regular exercises that I feel great inside and out.

Happy faces, who needs a Playstation! Vietnam
Happy faces, who needs a Playstation! I took this picture in Sapa, Vietnam.


Me time

I love my me time. It’s a chance to regroup and focus on what I feel inside. I’m actually an introvert and I need to be alone sometimes in order to relax. I also feel fulfilment when I get the balance right. I think there’s a time and place for everything. I wouldn’t hesitate backing off from social media when my attention is needed elsewhere. This way, I’m a hundred per cent committed and feel satisfied that I’m accomplishing what I need to be doing.

A child in me

Remember those care free days as a child? Being silly, joking around, experimenting and just being happy? Oh how I loved my childhood! And to date, every opportunity I get to be a kid again, I grab it, why not? People who know me will vouch at how silly I could be. I love to laugh. Laugh today as you never know what tomorrow will bring – my beloved mother once told me.

3. A purpose

For me this counts  as a reason for gratification. We spend such a long time at work so it might as well be something that fulfils us. I changed my job when I moved to France, from working in a laboratory to coaching English, a massive difference from my scientific background but I couldn’t be happier. It brings me so much joy to help others. And on that note, by writing this blog and sharing my experiences with you and connecting with other beings in the world – that too gives me so much joy!

In the end, it’s all about balance. It’s about living in the moment. How about you? What gives you ‘Joie de vivre?’


PS: Deciphering French < Grâce à = thanks to >



  1. Great list, Marie.

    My happiness is contentment, do what I love, a healthy life and relationship, be with my loved ones, and peace of mind.

    Love the photo of the kids! I’ll post something related to that photo next time.

    1. Hello Gladys,
      How endearing! Yes, peace of mind definitely one of mine too! Having a clean consience often results in peace of mind. And I can’t wait to read your post about ‘something related to the kids photo’ Oh, it was so lovely watching this. I love the purity in Vietnam.
      Stay blessed
      Marie x

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