La Promenade, Verfeil France

“Please Sir, I want some more?” This restaurant will leave you begging like Oliver Twist, albeit not for the need to satisfy hunger, but purely for the tongue tantalising side effects! So good was our experience there that we decided on a repeat trip, with a vengeance.

If you arrive too early before the opening time, why not take a walk around the old town? Verfeil is almost gothic like, medieval town.  Just right next to the restaurant, walk under the archway, leading to the old 12 century red brick houses, which are surprisingly intact.  Keep going till you reach the old church. Just opposite the church, there’s a nice landscape view, perhaps to reflect on what you’re about to receive for dinner.  Bon appétit! 😋

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La Promenade

Is a small French restaurant run by an extremely talented and down to earth chef, Nicholas Thomas. Together with his assistant, they work the magic in the kitchen whereas his other two colleagues busy themselves welcoming guests and offerring an impeccable table service. The concept is quite simple. The chef offers la carte blanche, where he proposes a choice of 5 or 8 dishes. The most LEAN kitchen ever, remarked my  business minded husband. He is absolutely right though. By offering a planned menu to everybody, meals are standardised and there is very little waste. What could go wrong in the kitchen? Chef is happy, clients are happy and our Earth is happy.

La Promenade could rightly be a Michelin star restaurant for the quality and creativity that goes into the dishes. I’m glad that it is not though, (perhaps very selfish of me) as they don’t have to comply with the rules of maintaining the status. I personally do not regret not having the theatrical effects, such the whisking away of the lids at almost ‘Swiss-clock precision’. When it comes to food, expect nothing but authenticity at La Promenade.

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Décor – The restaurant’s décor is as demure as the chef himself. What I really love about this place is that there is no pretentiousness. The ambiance is  simple and as cosy as you’d expect it to be in an old building.

Price – As the chef offers la carte blanche, there are no surprises. 50 euros for 5 dishes or 80 euros for 8 dishes. Considering the quality of the food, the freshness of traceable ingredients and attention to detail in every dish, it is such good value.

Service – Isn’t it nice when you go back to a place and they  remember you? I find the hosts quite friendly and professional. They seem to actually enjoy looking after clients. Also, if you’ve had the pleasure of dining in France, then you’d know that they like to go into minute details in explaining the ingredients used to procure your meal. I mean, to the dot! Get your French dictionary out, or just swig some more wine!

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Dishes – I can’t say I disliked anything that the chef offered. Get ready for an amazing taste-buds exploring journey, from the little amuse-bouches to the last crumb of that desert. Every single bite is an explosion in the mouth. Highlights? All dishes are incredibly delicious. However, I must say that the basil sorbet (not pictured) blew me away! Please excuse the quality of my sneaky iPhone images. Click here for pictures from the restaurant’s website.

It has been a fabulous discovery of French dining, where dinners are welcomed with open arms and hosts can’t do enough to please. I did mention in the beginning that we went back to this restaurant ‘with a vengeance’. At first, we went there with our couple friends and ordered the 5 dishes menu. As it was so good, me and my husband decided to go back again, and this time round, we went for the 8 menu course! A bit too excessive though in my opinion. If I were you, I’d stick to 5 dishes.

And as always, I’m sharing my experiences. I’m not trying to promote any business. Just hoping to help other foreigners like me in France.

So if you are ever in the region, feel free to check it out. And come back and tell me please. If you have eaten there already, what was your experience like? As for me, it remains “A taste-bud’s heaven”, as I proclaimed on TripAdvisor.

As the French say, bonne dégustation!

Marie x






    1. Hello Melis,
      Yes, the food is really delicious. I hadn’t planned on taking pics so they are not the best really. If you feel like taking a break from NYC and visit France, you have to check it out. Thanks Melis, always a pleasure to hear from you!
      Marie xx

    1. Thank you all at Fashion Folks! Too bad it’s too far from NYC but surely worth a visit when you guys happen to be in the South of France!
      Have a nice weekend and thanks for your visit 🙂 PS. Count a new fan to your site!

      Marie x

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