La rentrée


I hope that your summer has been great so far. As for me, I’ve had an amazing three weeks off, and it is soon time for “La rentrée’ as the French call it. To put it simply, it signifies the end of the long summer holiday and the start of a new school year. But of course, if you’ve been to France in August, then you are no stranger to the ghost town phenomenon. It’s not just the schools which are on holiday but the whole country it seems, including the goverment, banks, the bakery even the local swimming pool to my great surprise! If you wish to see some living souls in mass quantities, then I’m afraid your best bet would be to head to the seaside, where families are recovering from the hurdles of the  hard working year. So my dears, la rentrée is in fact – going back to normal working life.

For my part, the holidays were so precious. I spent my three weeks wisely, visiting my family abroad whom I do not see often. I also got to spend some quality time with my other half which was just a bliss. Call me sentimental but I think as you get older, you really treasure such moments even more dearly. There’s no rewind button in life. And so in view of enjoying some quality time and destressing from the pressures of the quotidian, myself and my husband decided to use less of our smartphones during our holiday. I must honestly say, the rewards have been sweet!

Healing The Body, Mind & Soul


Focusing on the right direction

Admittedly, I fiddle with my phone more often than I ought to. At first, leaving the phone locked away in the safe felt like confiscating a favourite toy from a child, how mean! But after a few exercise repetitions, it actually felt so liberating. No temptation to snap everything that appears on view, constantly checking social media and re-reading the same depressing news headlines.

∼ Joys of Simplicity ∼

As a new gain, I rekindled my love of reading, enjoyed talking to people and actually listened attentively. I even bagged a few cat naps as you do, c’est sont les vacancies! Back home, I’ve enjoyed more simple pleasures in conjuring delicious home made meals and taking evening leisurely strolls with my love. It even felt great to clean out the balcony. I’d argue that manual work is so relaxing, another stolen pleasure from our fast paced automated world. So  I suppose there is plenty to be appreciated in the present moments besides the e-moments.

But of course it’s easy to break away from a habit when you are far from original temptation roots. As we are heading back to normal life, I wonder if i’ll keep on my smartphone usage to a minimum and pursue my list of goals? Time will tell.

Back Online

If you used to follow me on Instagram then you would have noticed that my profiles have disappeared. It is wise to accept limitations and in my case it was the right decision. I must say a huge thanks to my dears who said some very kind words. If it helps to stay connected, I’ve created another profile which I intend to use to announce new blog posts. So if you’d like to get alerts, please do follow on:

Instagram @marie.livelovelaugh 


How about you? Have you attempted to break away from tempations during summer? All in all, I hope that you’ve had time to relax and ready to take on a new term.

I wish you a happy return to work. Vive la rentrée!

Marie x



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