Lac de Bareilles, Pyrenees France

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There are some really beautiful places in France and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the most visited countries in the world. The French themselves love it, why would you want to go abroad if you’ve got everything at home? Here are some pretty images captured from our hike today. It was somewhat a hurdle to get up at 5am on a Sunday. I was as grumpy as a teenager who has to get up for school, but it was all worth it in the end.

Camera: Fujifilm X-A2 50mm. No editing, as raw as it gets.

Place/ Lieu

Lac de Bareilles, Pyrenees mountains, France. I’d say the route is quite treacherous as there are plenty of loose rocks and the ascend is pretty steep at some points.


Off we go..


Good Morning Madame! How elegant. But what does she do later?…




My kind of landscape photography! When the green land, mountains and the blue sky meet.


The hills are alive with “The Sound of music’ reminds me of that…


View of lake Bareilles from the summit.


Plenty of vegetation even though its quite rocky. Any clues on botanical names? I’m lost..


With a little bit of help from these friends ..


Thanks for checking out. I’ll be posting more images like these capturing ‘La France’ whenever I remember to bring my camera along.

Anything to share, please feel free. My comment door is always open.


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    1. Hello Gradys
      Thanks very much! Gives me pleasure to share stuff and in particular if it helps people 🙂 Any parts in particular you like most? It’ll interesting to know as I’m quite new to this. Thanks for your opinion 🙂

      Marie xoxo

      1. My dream is to travel different places especially Europe. France and Italy are just an example. Please keep posting beautiful pictures, cultures, etc., because it will make me visit your blog everyday.

        1. Aww, that’s a beautiful dream. And I will help you travel by looking at pictures. I will post on the section ‘In pictures’ for you 🙂 I hope your writing is going ok. Must be tough but keep going 🙂

          Marie x

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