Chocolate mousse

I should start by wishing you a Happy New Year! It feels great to be back on my blog again after my break. I think it is important to take a step back from media from time to time. I hope that the year has started well for you. Where does time go anyway? I can’t believe we are in the fourth week of January!


A few days back I posted a picture of my yummy chocolate mousse on my Instagram feed and I did promise to share the recipe, so hence the post. According to me, and forgive me if I’m wrong – a great feast is always finished off with a nice dessert. In our home, chocolate always prevails. My husband would almost always order a chocolat fondant when we eat out and I would happily nibble a spoonful or two or almost all of it! At home, we would finish off our meal with a bite of Lindt chocolate orange or other flavour, but always dark chocolate. I hear it is good for our health, in moderation I should add.

The reason why I love homemade desserts so much is because you know exactly what goes into the dish and most importantly, you can give your body the pleasure of not having to harbour too many unnecessary added preservatives. I wanted to make a simple chocolate mouse which contains no eggs but still light and fluffy. Of course, the secret to any mousse is in the texture. It has to be airy and therefore light and fluffy. Good quality chocolate is a must, the sounds in the dining room will assure you that you made the right choice. I use dark chocolate which contains 70% cacao mass. In a nutshell, making this dessert just involves mixing melted chocolate and whipped cream, it’s that easy. But be sure to fold in the cream well so as to incorporate air.

Secret recipe…

The recipe that I use is from a sweet lady called Shiran, an author of a cookbook and a blogger at Pretty Simple Sweet. I’ve made her mousse repeatedly and each time it gets better and better. Normally I do alter recipes as I go along but I have not altered Shiran’s recipe at all, apart from the liquor and brand of chocolate that I use. It’s such a simple dessert, always a hit with my guests. I dress mine with raspberries or any seasonal fruits and some coulis on the side.  What is also nice is to put the mousse on top of biscuits (as if making a cheesecake) or alternatively you can throw on some bisquits crumbs on top for those who fancy a crunchy dessert.

The full recipe from the lovely Shiran is here. Enjoy and remember to take a walk at some point x


  1. This really looks yummy!!! I can’t remember the last time I had one. The recipe seems so easy to make. Maybe I should try it one of these days.

    It’s true, taking a time off from social media is great!
    I hope everything’s doing well for you, Marie.

    1. Hello Gladys, it is yummy! And really, it is so easy to make. You can probably add more cream in yours because the dark chocolate might be too bitter for the girls. It’s only chocolate plus milk so you can keep tasting as you are mixing to check if its not too rich for the little ones (and prob no alcohol, mommy knows best anyway)

      I’m well thank you and yes, i needed a break from media. I saw you stayed off Facebook for a while! For me fb is not a problem, I can live for weeks without opening the App, however I really like the Instagram community, I met a few talented women, start up businesses etc. We share lots as women, it’s nice to connect with likeminded people. But it takes time!

      Have a great weekend Gladys.

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