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Daily Bread

For some, a freshly baked homemade bread is a delight to be had everyday. As for me, my vivid memory of home baking spins back to when I was a little girl, pacing around a hot kitchen, insisting on helping my mother. I haven’t baked bread ever since and I won’t pretend to be anything less than a convenience loving consumer. In this day and age, it is so easy to buy convenient foods from the supermarket rather than cooking hearty homemade meals. This was exactly my case until I watched a TV programme that made me evaluate my ways.




I watched Michael Pollan’s Cooked – water episode, where he narrated changing consumer eating habits post 1940’s. It is true that we work more and spend less time in preparing home cooked meals. The pleasure of cooking and devouring a homemade meal has been replaced by the simplicity of readily available convenient foods. Convenience is not without a cost however. The package bears a hefty load on our health namely: too much salt, fat, sugar and uncountable additives.

Healthy changes

I decided to start cooking more, especially staples that we consume daily. Incidentally, I met my tandem partner and our discussion led to organic food and home cooking goodness. My friend told me about a home baked bread recipe which does not require kneading. It worked like a charm. I was sold immediately to the idea of simplicity. The next day, I made my first batch but the results were debatable. The second time was a victory.


Homemade is best

We love our multi-cereals homemade bread. We can not go back to industrial, unless under mitigating circumstances of course. My forward thinker has already asked for extra batches to be made, with the possibility of freezing, in case we run out ;-/

Now that I’ve crossed that bridge, I can not wait to try out lots of other kinds of breads. Are you also a fan of homemade bread?  Hope you’ll be persuaded to create more homemade healthy meals. I’ll leave you with some cooking tips from Gordon.




    1. Hi Gladys, not at all. I never got to finish this post. I made my first home made bread with no kneading – its yummy. I made another one today too so I’ll post more on this when I get some time. Thanks.
      I usually eat cereals, green tea and fruit juice during the week and weekends are super naughty- Nutella, jam, eggs, and the odd croissant.. do you tend to eat salty of sweet for breakfast in the Philippines?
      And yes, I like peanut butter and jam (jelly) – my favourite indulgence – yummy!

  1. When I tell my American friends that we eat bread (pandesal) every morning with coffee or noodles, they think it’s weird, but growing up, we used to eat fried rice, eggs, fried anchovies or smoked fish. I only started eating pancakes, bacon, sausage, or oatmeal when I came over here. And yes, Filipinos love sweets too but not the way how Americans do.

  2. Ditto!I just replied to your previous comment that we used to eat leftovers for breakfast when growing up, nothing wrong with it. Taste is just a matter of acquiring a habit. Don’t you just love mixed cultures? Quite interesting.

  3. Absolutely agree on your statement my dear! Today we are all just lazy and convenient supermarket shoppers. And then again we wonder why we suffer from all those “modern” intolerances with food. The industry just puts so much unhealhy ingredients everywhere from which I don’t understand 80% of their names. I am a true lover for homemade foods – ranging from bread to soup and drinks. However, I admit that I mostly do not take enough time nowadays to pursue my cooking and baking addiction for homemade delights. A shame!! Thank your for reminding me on its necessity my dear. Big hug chouchou xxx

  4. We are all guilty of it I suppose – the choice is there so it’s difficult to resist. I think we can make time if we want to. It’s a matter of creating new habits 😉 Thanks for sharing chouchou and have a great week xxx

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