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.. Ich bin Ich ..

“I am a jolly wife to a German gentleman, whom I adore with every breath in me. I’m reciting this hilarious book with all good intentions “

This book came into my possession from a lovely German girlfriend of mine. The minute I held it in my hands and read the tittle “How to be German in 50 easy steps”, I thought to myself, “Oh great, I’m getting more Germanised“! I must admit that, I’ve had my fair share of tears with this language. Let’s put it this way; Herr Dativ and Frau  Akkusative, will not be invited to my Christmas dinner party!

Das Buch

Written by an English man who hurriedly moved to Germany in pursuit of work (or rather escaping living with mom and dad after finishing Uni), he ends up in a relationship with a German girl, where he is exposed into the nitty gritty of the German ways. In this book, Adam Fletcher takes us into the closets of the Germans and shamelessly unleashes all there is to know about this greatly stereotyped nation.

How to be German in 50 easy steps. Adam Fletcher

In 50 steps, he boldly annotate some common practices by the Germans. I laughed out hysterically reading some of them. Of course I can not bear witness to each single one of them, but for some, it is actually our way of life. Take my personal favourite, (32.) opening up the windows. Our biggest concern in our quotidian is all about frische Luft, fresh air! Oh yes, come rain or shine, day or night; we need to have some air circulating all around. I’m comfortably numb to it now of course, but in winter months, my melanin rich African skin does not take it so kindly. (41.) Oh, and let’s not forget reading Spiegel Online at every opportunity possible, and I mean εvery! (3.) Naturally, we are no different to any respectable German when it comes to planning. For me the African, where we even boast, ‘There is no hurry in Africa‘, we couldn’t have been more worlds apart. I’ll share an example from our wedding, one of those events in life that require major planning. When we sent out our invitations, we had the German replies within days. As for my family? Well, some two weeks before the wedding, we were still not sure whether they were coming or not. And I’m not even referring to a 200Km trip distance wise, but rather a continent away. So, voilà! I rest my case.

Fenster auf kipp
Fenster auf kipp

Meiner Meinung nach…

In my opinion, I think it’s a great book for getting to know the Germans on some level. If you have close relationship with them, it wouldn’t hurt to read it. I can honestly say that I really resonated well with this piece. There were a lot of ‘Oh I see,’ and ‘That’s why’ sort of moments. In some ways, the book has filled in the gaps about all the ‘peculiar little things’ that my German does, with best intentions, of course.

The shirt is always pristinely hung up during football season 🙂


Have you read similar sort of books? Any recommendations for me? I’m looking forward to reading one abut the French.

So, are you ready to get Germanised? Happy reading.

Marie x



  1. Hello my chouchou! What a lovely post this is :))) Absolutely enjoyed the reading! Well yes, Germans are special, that’s for sure, but still I am happy with all our little things 😉 I didn’t know there was such a book out there, now I am eager myself to give it a go 🙂 Great to hear you enjoyed the book!! Really adore your style of writing <3 Big hug darling

    1. Hey my chouchou, it’s great to have you here! I missed our little exchanges from Insta. Well, I’m glad that the post has made you aware of the book. Es ist so lustig. Du sollst es lesen.
      I’m humbled about your comment, thank you. My husband likes my writing too, he likes this post in particular. I personally enjoy writing, sometimes I feel that I can express myself better in writing than in spoken words. Big hug too xoxo

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