Shopping Heaven – Grahammer, Germany

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? Is it every bit chaotic or are you feeling as cool as a cucumber? As for me, for once I feel organised. I started early so that helped quite a bit.

Yesterday hubby and I went to get some bits and pieces to add to those final touches. We headed to a department store called Grahammer, which is in the South of Germany. I have to say, I dread Christmas shopping. Lots of crowds, not finding what you want, etc. But to my delight, this place was a complete different ball game. Why? Well, let’s start with the store’s layout. It is the most customer friendly layout ever. Immediately you are aware of this huge space, with relaxing sofas every place possible and even waterfall features, a bit like a spa but not stuffy and not over pretentious. The store is so tastefully decorated (again, not over the top) and everything just seem so calm, no crowds neither. I was pleasantly surprised as in some stores you couldn’t even set a foot in.

Stock availability is obviously so important as we all go shopping to get stuff. It’s a department store which stocks most labels including some luxury brands. The range of available products is just amazing. In all sizes too. Brands like Burberry, Armani, Boss, etc are all staring right at you.

But of course all these lovely products need to be presented by someone. Which brings me to the next point about customer service. There is always someone at arms reach. They are more that happy to guide you regarding size, what’s current and how to wear it. A personal shopper is right there when you need one. What I really appreciated though was their professional attitude. They were not pushy at all, just there to help, that’s all. Isn’t that nice? I love that they din’t give you that Pretty Woman’s stare «you can’t afford that, put it back immediately»

My absolute favourite is how they take care of you as a client. We need to be at ease whilst making those seemingly important decisions ;-/ So this is where they offer you a range of refreshments from your basic tea, coffee, water to fruit juices, beer, champagne and chocolates.

And did I mention sales? Oh, that’s just cherry on the cake. You don’t even have to rumble though to find the good stuff. It’s a perfect store for those shopping shy people, notably hubby. Surprisingly, he can shop in this place for hours without a word of complaint.

So if ever in the area, that’s one department store worth a visit.

Part II. 23/12/2016

I revisited the store again and I thought that I’d add some images to this old post, albeit poor quality – just some random iPhone shots.

*This post was originally published in my discontinued site < 22/12/2015>

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