Simple home cooked meals

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious home cooked meal? I know I do. Unfortunately in this day and age we are so preoccupied with our busy modern lives that we hardly find time to stop, let alone enjoy a home cooked meal. I’ve made some efforts recently to cook more. Every now and again I look for simple tasty dishes which I can conjure up in the knick of time. I made a delicious Italian bread, a heart warming pumpkin soup and a mouthwatering cheesecake. When something tastes that good, you definitely want to share! Here are some pointers.

Olive, Rosemary and Tomato Focaccia

I watched Gordon make this and I totally wanted to try it, especially as he mentioned that it is a good bread to make if you’ve just started baking. With rosemary and olives in the recipe, it ticked all the boxes. Please do not be intimidated if you’ve never baked. It’s dead simple, if I can do it then you can! My bread was absolutely yummy. I regret not having fresh rosemary as I imagine this would have been even better.

Pumpkin soup

There are lots of variations of pumpkin soup to suit each personal taste. Some like it spicy, some like it  creamy while others like it with a touch of sourness. There are tons of recipes out there so surely you’ll be spoilt for choice. I like mine with the following ingredients:

ginger, garlic, onions, cinnamon,  carrots, olive oil, salt & cayenne pepper

The ginger makes it spicy enough so probably no need for pepper. You could always add extra cream fresh to tone it down. It’s my favourite soup ever. So velvety, yummy and healthy. The ginger and garlic would definitely ward off the winter bugs.


Cherry Cheese Cake

I just really fancied a cheesecake and I also wanted to use up some fruit compote that I bought when I couldn’t eat solids. As I hate wasting food, I thought the cherry fruit compote would make a nice cheesecake topping. And it did! Me and hubby devoured the whole thing, not in one go of course.

This is a no-bake cheesecake. You simply need to make a base with biscuits, then layer the cheese and afterwards the fruit topping. Heavily!


Let’s get cooking

I’d be happy to share my pumpkin soup and cheese cake recipe should you need them. I hope that you’ll also make time to prepare some home cooked meals. I’m mindful that we are slowly loosing the home cooking tradition due to our fast paced lives. I don’t have little ones yet but If I did, they’d be in the kitchen touching, feeling, tasting and helping to prepare meals. It’s no secret that there are way too many chemicals in processed foods. It’s time to take charge of our health by controlling what we put in our bodies. I bid you good health.

Marie x





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