Summertime thrills

Finally, it’s summer time! Although it has taken a while to kick in this year, at last we can start to reap the fruits of the season. Most of us do enjoy summer, whether being for the school holidays, travelling or simply the season in itself. It’s no secret that the impact of the sun on our bodily functions and mood is quite enormous. Gone are the sad seasonal disorders that we experience often in winter and more and more of us are getting out there to embrace life. And sometimes, it doesn’t even have to involve big spendings. It’s the simple little things which bring us such joy in our hearts.

A doting pair I spotted. A penny for your thoughts..
Bye bye winter coats

After months of hiding in jeans and winter coats, we can finally be more free on lighter summer clothing. How pretty are maxi dresses and floral prints ladies? How about those cute sandals too? Let’s not forget the colourful sarongs and hats and sunnies. Yes, love summer!

Picnic on that perfect spot

There’s something exhilarating about such excursions and especially, finding that perfect spot. My personal favourite is by the lake. But of course, any spot on the grass surrounded by nature where one can lay the rug and savour the picnic basket contents, followed by a good book and feel the gentle breeze whilst nodding off to a good snooze – is unquestionably perfect!

Us Time

I think in everything we do, whether in business or private life, we need to put some work into it. As much as you invest time and utilise your skills at work, we equally need to invest in our private relationships. With more time in our hands in the summer, and the advantage of that special leverage from mother sun, i.e. the natural feel good medicine, why not invest more in us time? I’m definitely not saying ignore your relations during winter, but merely grabbing the opportunity to make the most of it.

“Whispering sweet nothings”

Could this be all year long please? I adore the simplicity of it all whilst experiencing an absolute explosion of favours in the mouth! My hubby is the best on the grill. I just had to proclaim that, and I’m sure yours is too! The times shared with friends over these casual events is also so precious. There is something magical that fuels these moments but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it the relaxed easy going atmosphere, the rose wine, the tantalising but simple dishes or could it just be the boys on the grill? Je ne sais pas..

Water fun

We all love it, kids and adults included. Who doesn’t have some sort of fun summer memories which do not encompass spending time by the pool or the beach? Oh, those summer days! We are super lucky and spoilt in the S. of France. Since we enjoy the mediterranean climate, a lot of housings invest in outdoor pools. I must say though, I’m not too keen on jumping in the pool. A shame on me really. I must try often as swimming is so good for us. If not, at the beach you’ll find me collecting some exquisite left overs of some incredible sea mamamals, aka shells, j’adore! Makes my summer days 🙂

One of life's wonders, so tolerable and yet so powerful. Nothing stands without.
One of life’s wonders, so tolerable and yet so powerful. Nothing stands without. H2O, we love you!

How exhilarating! I’m not the most confident cyclist in the world as I’ve not grown up in a cycling friendly country. Nevertheless, after a few scary moments – all self inflicted of course, I am finally loving it! I love the feel of the wind on my face and the beauty around me, which is subjective of course. Like the picture below, I think the wall makes such pretty street art, no? But all in all, I kind of forget everything and live in the moment. The world becomes such a beautiful place.


My bike, my view & my summer
Ice-cream anyone?

Any excuse to have one, I’m in! And summertime is a perfect excuse. I’ll have you know that I am actually lactose intolerant. But I wouldn’t let that deprive me of something that brings me joy, no matter how short-lived. Of course I deal with the consequences later, but that’s my choice and I abide by my choices.

Fun in the park

Oh, how much I love this! Just by lying there, watching the kids play in harmony, or relax with a book or even being nosey about the Joneses – could be so unwinding. Speaking of the park, I keep wanting to try somethings, notably Rollerblading. But I think I shouldn’t crawl before I could run, let’s start by Frisbee, looks like so much fun!

Alfresco dining

Is it me or does the dining experience seem so awesome when we eat outside? I simply love our cosy meals on the balcony, taking in the fresh breeze from the river as the music is chiming away in the background. Weekends are to be appreciated for sure. And yesterday was no exception as we had Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t stop the feeling’ on repeat.

I’ve come a long way of course. When I was a little girl, summers meant getting up to no good. I still hold vivid memories about climbing trees, harvesting and eating mangoes which were completely unripe, needless to say, there were consequences! Better yet, my best summers were at my granddad’s, where with the help from my brothers, we discovered what it was like to swim in free flowing rivers, harvesting coffee beans and causing havoc in the neighbourhood, to mention but a few.

All being said though, we must react accordingly to these massive changes in temperature. By all means, wear sun protection and stay hydrated. On a different tone, I personally don’t have a pet but it surely hurts to see when the little ones are left alone in locked cars. Don’t you agree?

It’s not cool to leave me in the car with closed windows and no water when it’s too hot. Thank you.

I could go on and on but I’d love to hear about your summertime thrills too. Care to share please? I’d love to add on my bucket list as the summer is quite young.

I wish you a thrilling summertime.



  1. Oh my gosh reading this post made me so jealous! It’s winter down here in Australia and I’m freezing as I type this haha 😛 Just can’t wait for summer so that I can do basically everything you listed here hehe.

    1. Hello again 🙂 aww, thanks for checking it out! Simple doesn’t hurt 😉 Was just reading your post on going vegan, so candidly told! I need to come back to it after work. Wrap up warm & good luck with your assignment 🙂

      Marie x

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