A moving tale

Now that the dust has settled I can tell the tale about the joys and tribulations of our move. In all honesty it hasn’t been as bad as one might expect – for it is said that moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. Although I’ve had many shares of moving, this time round it has gone pretty smoothly – and I’ll unreservedly credit that to my husband, an efficient planner and executer. 

Having lived in an apartment before and now in a house, I find the outdoor living to be such a joy! Just having that extra bit of sunshine, the feel of grass on the feet, watching birds swinging from tree to tree and singing sweet melodies – to me these little things are priceless. What’s more, I’ve found a new way to empty the worries of the day – I call it gardening! I find manual work quite therapeutic. Myself and my hubby have noticed how little we both engage with our phones as there is constantly something to do with our hands. Needless to say, the more space you have, the more work you have. I’ve found myself thrown into the deep-end with domestic chores,  which I totally don’t mind apart from the fact that it’s time consuming. Above all though, I love the challenge of decorating and making a place a home. I’m into simplicity and minimalism so I can’t wait to put all the final touches in our home. 

As for tribulations, I can’t say that there have been many nor grave for that matter.  A big issue that springs to mind is an internet incident, which well and truly tickled my hubby in all the wrong places – welcome to la France! Administrative tasks can be so arduous, but we got there after two weeks of hassling. None the wiser, we got caught in the mishaps of flatpack furniture. Some shelves seemed very fitting in the store but upon assembly, they proved quite the opposite. The rest are just minor adjustments, the one that always stops me in my tracks is the fact that ‘he doesn’t respond’ when I talk to him. Of course he can’t hear a thing, the walls are a little bit further apart! Also, old habits die hard. I still find myself frequenting my old quarters for dry-cleaning, the post office and whatnot. But all in all, thank heavens that there hasn’t been any major dramas such as  damaged items or our old(er) bodies ;-/

∼ Many hands make light work ∼

It goes without saying, moving involves tedious hard labour, and perhaps accidents.  My motto is always to play it safe rather than sorry. As the saying above goes, many hands make light work. However, being foreigners in France, we did not have that luxury. So for the things that we could shift ourselves, we did so carefully as a team whilst applying the good old manual handling rules – lift the load close to the body, bend the knees, asses the load before carrying etc etc.

And finally a take home message for me has been a revelation that ‘I can live with so little’. During the move, my huge cosmetics collection was reduced to one tiny basket and my wardrobe too. Surprisingly, I did not miss a thing. To put it frankly, I was quite content from not having too much choice. So operation ‘decluttering’ is still ongoing. How about you, have you moved homes and how did you find the transition?  


  1. So happy for you! One great thing of owning your house is your freedom to do whatever you want with it. Same thing happened to us when we moved twice. It was hard to get a lending hand to help, but we’re glad we had one help from the first move then we got help from two men on our last move. When we move that’s how we realize how much stuffs we have and I we got rid of a lot of things too. This is where we appreciate that sometimes “less is more.” That’s why we’re decluttering stuffs too!

  2. Hello Gladys, thank you very much indeed! And you are absolutely right, it’s nice to do as we please with the house – and I’m all for ‘less is more’ Thank you!

  3. It can be quite liberating to realize that you actually need/miss so few of your possessions! We’ve moved and traveled so much over the years, I can completely relate to your experience. There’s nothing better than to shed (throw/donate) all that extra ‘stuff’ that you just don’t need!

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