The O Bag

It’s been a while since I bought something new for myself. A few months a go, I made a conscious decision to stop buying stuff unless I actually need them. So far it has worked out quite well and I’m loving the newly found freedom from minimalism.

So why the bag?

As a teacher, you normally have a lot of bits and pieces to carry. There’s always an extra book or a file to accommodate. I’ve had a few bags which did not fulfil the purpose. The O Bag however, ticked all the boxes. It is an Italian brand that I’ve come to appreciate and I’ll tell you why below. I took The O Bag to work last week and the colours around were just too tempting to resist the temptation to snap it.

So If you were in the dark about this accessory, perhaps you can look into it? A christmas gift for someone in need perhaps?

  1. Design – its so versatile. You can create your own look. You can choose the BASE, the HANDLES and even the FINISHING inside. Please see online for more information.
  2. Access – no need to open/close a zip. You can dump your contents as you please. And note how it is standing freely unaided.
  3. Care – the material is easily washable. I believe it is made from hard plastic.
  4. Style – everyone has their own taste but in my opinion it is a cute little head turner.
  5. Durable – always a plus point. The longer it lasts, the better for us and the environment.

After years of searching I’ve finally found the one ;-/. And in the end of the day, this bag is so multifunctional. Apart from using it for work, I can see myself taking it to town, the beach, the market etc. They come in different shape, size and colour – the choice is yours.

New addition

PS. A week later, a little sister came along

.. here she is taking a sunset walk along the river..

As I mentioned, they come in different colours, shape and size.



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