YSL Touch Éclat, I believe!

I just had to share this post today because I remember perfectly well, how pessimistic I used to be about this beauty product. To be fair, when YSL first launched this highlighter/concealer, they had it in one shade (correct me if i’m wrong) and it was such a pale colour that you couldn’t possibly blend it in on Black-African skin. It’s for all skin types, said the beautician at the store back then.  No thanks, was my response.

YSL Touch Éclat No 5. On repeat..
YSL Touch Éclat No 5. On repeat..

Lo and behold, a few other shades came into the market. I was still a Thomas and never believed that this magical product was meant for all. And I went on to be a Thomas for a long long long time. That was until last year, when I was in Sephora looking like a lost soul, so a nice young man convinced me to try it. At that point I’d had enough of using concealers that kept running and creating creases on my eyelids. So I gave in and tried the so called miracle product.

And the results were just great. After all these years, I finally I understood what all the fuss was about. The transformation from dark, sad looking eyes to bright and shiny, was just incredible! I suppose it’s thanks to the Fluorescent brightener that they use in the product. I use the highlighter on my cheek bones, the ridges of my lips and nose bridge, just basically everywhere where I want the light to reflect.

Simply Back & Gold. Elegant Radiant Packaging
Simply Back & Gold. Elegant Radiant Packaging

→ It has amazing shimmer.

→ It does not create folds, thanks to its light consistency. It blends in so perfectly and does not add on weight to the thin sensitive skin that we have around the eye.

→ What’s not to like about the packaging? YSL like to use gold in packaging. For me it’s absolutely O-kay. I like to think of gold as something special (in my culture it isn’t uncommon to offer women gold).

→ It’s multifaceted. It goes further than just around the eyes. I use it to highlight cheekbones, nose and lips.

→ Easy application. No fuss at all. Just a click, no messy sponges.

As far as cost is concerned, I think it’s a brand which holds its own and for the quality and product usage you get from this gold pen, I think it’s worth every click.

In terms of health & safety, I think we are lucky in this day and age to have such an abundance amount of information. It’s up to us to decide which products we are happy to accept or not. I’ve recently cut out products which contain Aluminium – but to what extent are we prepared to eliminate all products? In some cases I go with what my heart desires. Such are my opinions though. You may well have different ones and it’s okay.

My old departed.. We lasted 7 months together.

Did you know that the gold pen is sold all over the world in every ten seconds? Are you also a fan?



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