Luscious Escape, South of France

A weekend getaway is always a good idea, especially with all the right ingredients i.e. perfect weather, great food, location and your loved one by your side. It’s simply therapy-tastic. I’m really lucky that I live in the South of France. Within a couple of hours, one can be in the presence of the majestic pyrenees mountains, the atlantic ocean or the mediterranean sea.

With lots of charm to offer in small towns, endless natural beauty in the country side, picture perfect turquoise blue waters and charming fishing villages, it’s no wonder that the French are perfectly at-ease-at-home.  As for the rest, France remains the most visited country in the world.

A lovely morning. Stillness



We took a look at the weather in Toulouse and decided the grass was greener in the Mediterranean. Sète is a colourful and charming small seaside town. The old town is established just along the banks of the canal, crammed with restaurants overlooking the canals and outside bars which are so alive, in the real sense of the word. It is also a heaven for boat lovers and sailors. I absolutely loved the atmosphere. I kept thinking that it is so surreal. It feels like a holiday abroad, which is absolutely crazy because we only just drove for 2 and a half hours from our home.


Mediterranean Sea, Sète.

Lively colourful street with sea food restaurants and bars.



One thing you need to know about the French is that, they are super serious about food. They are into fine dining, great quality food and good restaurants. So if you don’t want to be disappointed, go ahead and reserve a table. We foolishly thought that we could just walk in and grab the best table in the house. My lusting eyes rested on one place in particular called, La Senne. I instantly fell for the old brick style décor, almost cave-like interior and some appetising looking fish on display. Of course they were fully booked so we continued walking and knocking on doors until we found a place, which welcomed us for some fresh seafood cuisine, Restaurant coquillage et crustacés, which didn’t disappoint. The ambiance was great and the food was delicious.

Fresh fish-licious!

Restaurant coquillage et crustacés
Restaurant coquillage et crustacés – this will do for us non-reservers 🙂




Walkway to Paradiso

We decided to drive just a few Kms away from the town for some quiet sandy beaches. Just by coincidence, we found a private beach bar called La Voile Rouge, just what the doctor ordered. You can hire sun loungers, get some food and drinks – all inclusive. I also like the theme at the beach bar. It was so good that we went back the next day.







In my element, loving mother nature!What else to do?

Apart from enjoying sailing, fishing and walking up Mont St-Clair for panoramic views of the sea and the whole town, you can just do what we did, which is just relaxing. We relished our beach time as it’s a weekend after all. Other than that, we did do a bit of walking along the sea and canals. It’s almost picture perfect with the turquoise blue sea, too good to miss. The following morning we jogged the same route, only that time round we witnessed the aftermath of the night life – the joys of youth, there is time for everything.

Where to sleep

If you haven’t got any bright ideas, why not stay at Hôtel Impérial? It’s really ideal for the weekend. The staff as well as the décor have their own certain charm. It’s definitely worth having the hotel breakfast. For 10 euros, you get more than your basic croissants and sweetened orange juice.


Roof top bar with panoramic view of the city

Some Art from the Hotel.


If you are planning on visiting, I wish you a pleasant and great stay in Sète.




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